Emmanuel Julliot

Interaction & Visual Designer

I’m a French Product Designer currently living and working in Nantes, France.

Since my childhood, I’ve been attracted by the beauty of things and life. Design is much more than a passion for me. I need to create, imagine and design everything, all the time. As a Product Designer, I love to create intuitive and ergonomic interfaces always focused on the user.

I’ve been working for IDEO, Fjord, Mazarine and many more during the last few years. Currently, I am working with national and international clients across an open range of fields while working for iAdvize, a french real-time conversational commerce platform that enables businesses to engage their customers and prospects.

I work on both printed and digital media, focusing on identity, web design, motion design and typography. My field of work also includes design thinking and front-end development .

Available for freelance

Past Work Experience :

iAdvize →
Product Designer | 2016

IDEO Munich →
Interaction Design | 2015

Mazarine X Louis Vuitton →
Mobile UX / UI Designer (Freelance) | 2014

TheSoundYouNeed →
UX / UI Designer (Freelance) | 2014

Backstory →
UX / UI Designer (Freelance) | 2014

Reflex Shanghai →
Digital Design Intern | 2013

Fjord Paris →
Service Design Intern | 2012

Some projects

I've been working on.

iAdvize →

iAdvize is a conversational commerce platform that enables businesses to engage their customers and their prospects. As a Product Designer, I've been working on creating new features as well as working on the full redesign of the brand.

iAdvize app →

Share your tips and advice with your online peers.

Fjord Breakfast →

Fjord Breakfast bring members together at events in cities and towns around the world. While interning at Fjord (Paris – 2012), and under the creative direction of Corinne Moreau, I designed elements for the kit that every organizer receives before a meet up.

Tricount Redesign →

The solution for organizing Group Expenses. After a trip, or a group activity you can use the application to organize your expenses.

Tourn' n' soul →

Turn’N'soul is the result of a one-week workshop. The main challenge was to create a finished product combining the Arduino technology and toys Mécanno. Our team composed of two students in product design and two students interactivity design, offers a simple, elegant and ludic product. This flower pot allows the plant to live with the movement and sound of a room. If Tour’N'soul detects your presence, it will open up to you and live with you. Conversely, if the room of your house is empty of life, the plant will close. We wanted to allow the plant to live more with people and interact with them. A plant is a living thing. She can live with us as a human.


Je traduis régulièrement les mêmes mots ou expressions dans des langues étrangères sans en retenir le sens. Constatant cette redondance, j'ai créé un outil permettant de visualiser le nombre de fois où vous avez souhaité traduire ce mot. Ainsi, à chaque traduction, le mot s'implante dans votre base de données et vous permet de prendre conscience de votre niveau. Plus le mot a été traduit, plus le compteur augmente.

Shang Xia →

Shang Xia is a brand for art of living that promises a unique encounter with the heritage of Chinese design and craftsmanship. The renowned designer Jiang Qiong Er established SHANG XIA with a mission to create a 21st century lifestyle founded on the finest of Chinese design traditions. As an interaction designer, I created this minimal application always focused on art of living. The app embodies the concept of "up" and "down" in the continuous flow of energy from past, present and future, transmitting the essence of Chinese culture and its sublime aesthetics.

TheSoundYouNeed →

The finest music of our time. TheSoundYouNeed is a brand created to share artists and music. Play some songs, discover artists and read many articles. With two million plus YouTube subscribers over the past three years, TheSoundYouNeed has become a sonic sanctuary for electronic dance music. TSYN offers subscribers a chance to be a part of a community united by the thrill of uncovering new music, sharing and connecting with other like-minded music fans. As an Interaction Designer, I worked on this website always focused on the user.

Pages Jaunes →

Second Prize of "Challenge Pages Jaunes" won by my team from L’École de design. We created an app which allows you to visualize all of your events in a new way.

Something's Cooking. Coming soon :)

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Monitoring reinvented. Redsmin offers a real-time, atomic, performant administration and monitoring interface for Redis. I had the pleasure to working with one of my friend on his service. I created all the identity and the interfaces.


Hello friends! Lately I have been working in creating a visual concept for what it could be an online translator. The work was done in one day during my free time and the key point was to make the experience nicer for the user. In order to do that I included pictures, I showed the words in context in different sources and I also quantified the amount of times the user translated the same word, adding an educational tool to the platform.

Feel free to give your opinion about it!


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Pages Jaunes

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Emmanuel Julliot
Emmanuel Julliot